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Male Hormones

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Injected to aid with weight loss within 8 weeks by signaling the hypothalamus to release and burn the body’s stored fat deposits which your body saves to store energy thus developing into a pocket of fat. For maximum weight loss-combine with a 500-800 daily calorie diet. Also utilized to prevent testicular shrinkage and helps maintain fertility during testosterone therapy. Moreover, may report higher sense of wellbeing, uplifted mood and larger penis girth while using HCG.


Acts by increasing the gonadal production of testosterone while stimulating FSH and LH thus ultimately stimulating the testicles to increase testosterone production from the interstitial cells of the testes (Leydig Cells).


Hormone produced by adrenal gland to assist in production of other hormones including testosterone and estrogen. Improves skin in older individual and help treat osteoporosis, vaginal atrophy, erectile dysfunction, and some psychological conditions.


Assist in post labor contraction of the uterus and lactation. Associated with bonding behavior, thus impacting emotional, cognitive and social behaviors. Associated with decreased stress response and decreasing anxiety. Can improve libido, orgasm intensity/frequency and sexual pleasure.


Growth hormone produced by the human brain to stimulate growth, and cell regeneration in humans. Administration in the evening or nightly basis and benefits faster gym recovery, faster injury recovery, increased muscle development, increase of lean body mass, improved skin quality, accelerated healing from wounds or surgery, reduction of body fat through lipolysis, increased strength and endurance, and improved sleep quality. (GIVEN IN 3 MONTH CYCLES).


Primary sex hormone and anabolic steroid in males. Asist in development of male reproduction, with secondary sexual characteristics including increased muscle and bone mass and growth of body hair. Improves production of red blood cells.




(BREMELANOTIDE) utilized in males and females to increase libido and induce erections in men. It is FDA approved in women and is known to increase sexual gratifying experiences by 50%.


Synthetic hormone peptide composed of 29 amino acids. Similar to growth hormone as it is required for normal growth, bone development, and regulatory effects on protein, carbohydrate, and lipid metabolism. Sermorelin aids in promoting healthy immune system, along with improved hormonal balance enhanced energy, to burn fat, increase lean muscle, improve sleep quality, enhance memory, sex drive and much more.


Same as above with the added effect of glycine. An amino acid that can also act as a neurotransmitter, used to help treat BPH, insomnia, schizophrenia, and stroke. Research shows that it can also help to stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete growth without increasing prolactin levels.



A dopaminergic agonist with affinity for dopamine receptor sites, mostly D(2), within the brain known to be involved in sexual function. It enhances normal neurological signaling in sexual response. It stimulates dopamine receptors in the hypothalamus, causing neural signals that relax smooth muscle and allowing erections to happen more easily. Tadalafil is a proven ED medication, and its effects are cumulative and improve with daily use. For females, Tadalafil orally can be effective to increase sexual desire, sexual arousal, sexual orgasm and sexual satisfaction. It not only increases nitric oxide in the corpus cavernosum of men, but in women it also results in the relaxation of clitoral and vaginal smooth muscle and increased blood flow in these sites, a normal step in arousal and necessary to achieve orgasm.


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